The 2024 Toyota Tacoma

The 2024 Toyota Tacoma should borrow similar stylistic cues and equally cutting-edge mechanical components from the Toyota Tundra’s redesign. The mid-size Tacoma outsells its domestic rivals, unlike the full-size Tundra. The following generation of Toyota’s most popular truck attempts to make the necessary upgrades to maintain its dominance. A redesigned body-on-frame structure with a more advanced coil-spring rear suspension will be used in the new Tacoma. The powertrain will also be upgraded, maybe to a turbocharged four-cylinder with a hybrid option like the Tundra. The interior of the 2024 Tacoma ought to be more stylish, and the infotainment system ought to be more up-to-date, although official information is still rare.

With the 2024 model year, Tacoma will shift into a new generation. The fact that it will use Toyota’s new TNGA-F design, a body-on-frame chassis that also supports the new Tundra and the upcoming Sequoia and 4Runner, is one of the few things we currently know for sure.

If the new Tundra design is any evidence, the younger brother will have a grille, lighting components, and characteristic fender bulges that are also recognizable. We anticipate finding out more information about the new Taco next year and think it might make its appearance in 2024.

Toyota has not revealed the price or available trim levels for the 24 Tacoma. Over the current version, which starts at roughly $28,000, we anticipate a slight price increase. The lineup should also be consistent with the previous generation, starting with the base SR trim and progressing through the well-liked TRD Sport and Off-Road models to the top-of-the-line, off-road-capable TRD Pro.

Similar to the new Tundra, the Tacoma’s V-6 powertrain might be made available in a hybrid configuration. Although the mid-size truck will continue to be built on a body-on-frame platform, we anticipate that it will remove its rear leaf-spring suspension in favor of a more contemporary coil-spring system, which should enhance both its ride and handling.

We anticipate that Tacoma will transition to a larger, more modern configuration in 2024. That suggests a larger touchscreen, perhaps even the 14.0-inch one found inside the 2019 Tundra, would replace the existing 8.0-inch model.

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