The 2024 Toyota C-HR

When it comes to family crossover SUVs, the Toyota C-HR has always stood out from the crowd. Since its introduction in 2016, it has been known for its distinctive style and hybrid powertrains. Now, Toyota is taking things up a notch with the all-new 2024 Toyota C-HR, set to be released in 2023. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the details of this exciting second-generation C-HR, covering everything from its price and specs to its design and performance. So, let’s jump in and explore what the future holds for this head-turning crossover.

Unveiling the 2024 Toyota C-HR

The original Toyota C-HR was an instant hit thanks to its unique design and hybrid options, and the new 2024 model aims to continue that trend. Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming C-HR:

Design and Exterior

The 2024 Toyota C-HR is not just an ordinary family SUV; it’s described as a “concept car for the road.” The radical five-door SUV retains its coupe-infused allure, positioning itself between the smaller Toyota Yaris Cross and the larger Toyota RAV4.

At the front, the new C-HR introduces Toyota’s fresh new ‘face’ that will grace all future SUV models. It features C-shaped LED headlights and a distinctive ‘hammerhead shark’ design. The short front and rear overhangs and available 20-inch alloy wheels add excitement to its overall appearance.

The side profile of the C-HR is athletic and distinctive, with sharp design details set within smooth lines. You can even enhance its stylish lines with bi-tone paint options, extending the contrast black roof into the rear three-quarter and rear bumper.

The rear of the C-HR boasts an angular rear window crowned by two bold-looking winglets for aerodynamic efficiency. Interestingly, it doesn’t have a rear wiper; instead, Toyota promises “optimized airflow” to keep the rear glass clear. There’s also an LED light bar with an illuminated ‘Toyota C-HR’ logo at the center.

What sets the new C-HR apart is its attention to detail. It features tighter shut lines and seamlessly integrates all its cameras and parking sensors into the design. It’s also the first Toyota to sport flush-fit retractable door handles, adding to its overall modern and sophisticated look.


Step inside the 2024 Toyota C-HR, and you’ll be greeted by a sporty and high-quality interior. The dashboard design wraps around the driver in a wing-like layout, creating an immersive driving experience. Multi-color ambient lighting, offering up to 64 different colors, adds to the sporty atmosphere.

The interior quality has received a significant upgrade, with more tactile surfaces and a premium feel. Smart touches include soft-touch fabric on the doors and double-stitched upholstery. To cater to eco-conscious drivers, the C-HR incorporates double the amount of recycled materials and offers an animal-free alternative to leather for the steering wheel.

Drivers will have access to a digital display of up to 12.3 inches, with three pre-set layouts to choose from. In the center of the dashboard, the Toyota Smart Connect infotainment system boasts either an 8.0-inch or 12.3-inch touchscreen, complete with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The screens in the new C-HR are crisper and higher-definition, and they are complemented by over-the-air updates. Additionally, the MyT Toyota smartphone app provides convenient remote access.

But it’s not just about style and technology; the new C-HR also offers improved practicality. Rear passengers will enjoy a roomier interior, and the boot capacity is expected to be larger than the current model’s 377-liter capacity.

One notable feature is the optional Skyview panoramic glass roof, which does away with a regular sunshade. This design choice saves weight and improves headroom by 30mm. Instead of a sunshade, it features a special coating that keeps the cabin comfortable in both winter and summer, reducing the load on the climate control system.

Hybrid Powertrains

Toyota has a long-standing commitment to hybrid technology, and the 2024 C-HR is no exception. The new C-HR will offer an all-hybrid range of engines, including a longer-range plug-in hybrid variant. Here’s what you can expect:

  • 1.8-liter Hybrid: The entry-level hybrid option is expected to feature a 1.8-liter engine, delivering around 140 horsepower. It’s focused on fuel efficiency, using the latest fifth-generation hybrid tech to maximize engine-off running.
  • 2.0-liter Hybrid: For those seeking more power, there will be a 2.0-liter hybrid engine option. While the exact specs are yet to be confirmed, it’s anticipated to offer over 190 horsepower, along with strong fuel economy.
  • 2.0-liter Plug-In Hybrid: The most exciting addition to the lineup is the 2.0-liter plug-in hybrid. Toyota claims it will have a “best-in-class” system, with an expected electric-only range of around 50 miles, thanks to a 13.6 kWh battery. With over 220 horsepower, this variant is expected to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in approximately 7.0 seconds.

Performance and fuel economy figures for these hybrid powertrains will be confirmed closer to the launch date.

Price and Release Date

Reservations for the 2024 Toyota C-HR are set to open later in 2023, allowing early adopters to secure their spot in line. The C-HR will also debut with a special Premiere Edition, featuring signature Sulphur bi-tone exterior paint, perforated leather seats with contrast Sulphur stitching, a head-up display, and a Skyview panoramic roof.

As for pricing, the new Toyota C-HR is expected to start at around £35,000 for hybrid models, with the plug-in hybrid version likely priced from around £40,000.

The Future of Crossover SUVs

The 2024 Toyota C-HR is poised to continue its legacy as a standout family crossover SUV. With its bold design, upgraded interior, and hybrid powertrain options, it’s ready to make a statement in the market. Whether you’re a fan of hybrid technology, cutting-edge design, or practicality, the C-HR promises to deliver an exciting package.

Stay tuned for more details as the release date approaches, and get ready to experience the future of family crossovers with the all-new 2024 Toyota C-HR.

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